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Ball Dispensers

BSL Rotary Dispenser

The New Rotary Dispenser
Simpler yet more sophisticated than the previous model, this machine will be at the heart of your range. Capable of using a broad range of payment options, it uses individual ball count to deliver the exact number of balls requested. Can be integrated into many POS systems. Has 8 vend options and seven happy hour possibilities, when a greater number of balls can be dispensed.
It is fast, and also very quiet in operation.
Capacity: 10 -20,000 balls.
Dimensions: 1.01m wide, 1.01m high, 1.5m deep

Payment Systems - Manual and electric dispensers use single token or coin only. Electronic dispensers can use cash, tokens, digicards or contactless cards to vend between 1-99 balls.

Cashflow Mechanism -Takes all cash or specific coins. Can be set to take any forms of cash or specific coins as required. Also takes small, medium & large Eagle tokens. Cash & tokens can be enabled or inhibited accordingly.

Digicard -  Paper cards (disposable after use). This unit is not water/weather proof. Cards can vend 1, 5, 10 or 20 baskets of balls. Useful for building loyalty for regular users


digicardsbadcock system Contactless card System and casual users
It is possible now to stop selling tokens to your occasional customers, and sell them a receipt with a number on it. When the customer goes to the ball dispenser, they punch in the number from their receipt on the keypad, and they get the basket of balls they ordered. No need to sell tokens, and all transactions are recorded on a PC at reception.
We also offer a rechargeable contactless card system, with no moving parts on the dispenser, which can be used by the range operator to hold information for marketing purposes and is very convenient for regular customers.


Manual Tip Tray Dispenser
Manual Tip-Tray Dispenser

No electricity required.
Token or coin operation
Magnells steel construction for long life
3000 ball capacity
Front loading lid

Dimensions: 0.62m wide, 0.62m deep, 1.2m high

Epic dispenser

The EPIC Rotary (10-40,000 capacity)
The Epic Ball Dispenser was developed with the customer in mind to give flexibility and profitability. Reliable electronics and a built-in security system offer assurance to the Range owner and help management maintain accurate records of daily transactions. It's low height (1.0m), quietness of operation and individual ball count made it a very popular machine. 

No longer available new, however we supply parts and consumables, and sometimes have refurbished machines available.


Effortlessly transfers range balls from washer to dispenser. Height of elevator is 300mm in addition to height of relevant dispenser.

EL-1 150cm(H) x 38cm(W) x 81cm(D)
EL-2 180cm(H) x 38cm(W) x 81cm(D)
EL-3 200cm(H) x 38cm(W) x 81cm(D)