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Ball Washers

The galvanised washer has been designed for ease of maintenance and operation. this unique design has separate dirt and water overflow trays allowing water and solids to be sorted.
The dirt box has two handles for easy removal and with the built-in water weir the water and solids seperate easily minimising the chance of drain blockage
The design allows the operator to remove the dirt box without having to disconnect the pipework.

Balls are cleaned between two vertically mounted discs ensuring maximum cleaning efficiency.

Size: 0.8m high 0.6 deep 1.5m long. Weight 140kg.

Twister washer
Twister internal


  • Cleans 20,000 balls per hour (approx.)
  • Top loading hopper holds 1,000 balls
  • Soft nylon brush cleans efficiently
  • Dual clean system (brush and bath)
  • Aluminium construction
  • Large tank drain outlet with gate valve
  • Ideal for gently cleaning 2 piece balls
  • Greasable bearings for longer life
  • Easily maintained
  • 110V motor 
  • Our most popular washer.
Size: 1.0m high, 1.52m long, 0.55m deep. Weight 40kg.
Range mate Compact Ball Washer

The Range Mate Compact Ball Washer
is probably the most economical washer on the market today. It's looks are modern and contemporary, it has been well designed with some nice, well thought out features. The build quality is superb, making this a very reliable unit, it is also cheap to maintain and is very well supported.

  • Washes 20,000 balls per hour, ideal for all but the busiest and largest of ranges.
  • Ball rotates 360' while being gently washed between rubber liners.
  • Roto molded polyethylene body, won't rust.
  • 40" long, 23" wide, 44" high, compact lightweight design makes the unit truly portable, and it won't dominate your ball room.
  • Hopper hold 1,200 balls.
  • Auto switch off when lid is opened to avoid injury from moving parts.
  • Brush partly lifts out when opened to aid internal cleaning with jetwash or hose.
  • 220v suitable for use with UK mains power.
Hollrock Washer


No longer available, but we can still source most spare parts at good prices