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Golf Course

We can supply the entire PATTISSON and PAR AIDE range of greenkeeper's products - new catalogues available soon. Please call for more details.

Shoe & Wheel Cleaners

FSV – Compressed Air Cleaner
Quickest and most efficient way of cleaning shoes, clubs, buggy and cart wheels. Easy-to-remove dirt collection tray.

Neet Kleet II Electric Shoe Cleaner

Introducing the Neet Kleet II Electric Shoe Cleaner.

The best selling golf shoe cleaner in North America is now available in the UK. The roto molded polyethylene body will never rust, fade or chip, but provides a stable two handed grip for ease of use. A simple to use thumb button activates the rotational brush, just release to stop the brush motion. Unlike most UK metal shoe cleaners that do not weather well, the Neet Kleet II will continue to look good for years to come and be a trouble free asset to your facility that your members will notice and enjoy.

  • The unit can be powered by either a 230v commando socket (recommended) or simply by a UK 3 pin 13A plug.
  • Rust proof polyethylene body provides a strong yet light construction that retains its visual appeal, no fading or chipping.
  • Size: 32" L x 15 1/2" W x 32" H.
  • Three part brush makes for better cleaning and cheaper replacement parts.
  • Rotating nylon brushes clean sides, soles, heels and toes, for regular or spiked shoes.
  • The detachable dirt tray makes for ease of cleaning.
  • 220v suitable for use with UK mains power.

Square Pattern Shoe Cleaner
Solid, self-standing, but also portable


Square Wooden Slatted Bin with removable liner. H 65cm x 36cm


Windsor Litter Bin

Round metal bin. H 51cm x W 38cm

Practice Putting Green

These are examples only, please call for current availability

Available as Polyester Flags or rigid Plastic Heads In Red or yellow with Black Numbers
CA601 Rigid Plastic Heads (No. 1-9)
CA601A Rigid Plastic Heads (No. 10-18)
306034RN Red Flags (No. 1-9)
306034YN Yellow Flags (No. 1-9)

The plastic head and fiberglass rod are all one piece and come in sets of 1-9 and 10-18. Buy the markers with or without bases. Available in white/red, white/green, and black/yellow.

  • Sturdy construction
  • Available in Red and Hunter Green
  • Choose with or without numbers 33" (83.8 cm) tall
  • Non-tip designed base
  • Sold in sets of nine or individually
  • Shipped fully assembled

PA9170-01 - Red set of 9, no numbers / PA9170-02 - Green set of 9, no numbers / PA9171-01 - Red set, Nos. 1 - 9 / PA9171-02 - Green , set, Nos. 1 - 9 / PA9172-01 - Red set, Nos. 10 - 18 / PA9172-02 - Green set, Nos. 10 - 18

  • Sturdy construction
  • Choose numbered or plain red markers 24-1/2" (62.2 cm) tall
  • Convenient handle for lifting ease
  • Non-tip base lifts ball out of hole
  • Easy to assemble
  • Sold in sets of nine or individually

PA9010 - Set, 1 - 9 / PA9020 - Set, 10 - 18

These are examples only, please call for current availability



We can offer bespoke signage for your course. The option of hardwoods, as shown in the photo of the log marker and tee post, will add an instant impression of quality to your facility. The face plate can be made in a variety of colours and materials. Aluminium finger markers and 2 or 3 post information boards provide a complete package for the course.

Decide on the theme you require and the impression you wish to give. We will not disappoint!