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Tee-Line Turf, Putting Greens and Miniature Golf

K Club
Installing a 60m Supatee-line Turf tee line at the Palmer Course, The K Club, Ireland. Ryder Cup venue 2006.

K Club Teeline - installed in 2006 - this is it in 2013

The same teeline at the K Club in 2013

So Close to Real Grass, You Can Stick a
Tee in it and Hit a Driver!

Elm Green

Elm Green, Dublin

Does your practise range look like a war zone by the end of the season? Does the grass get destroyed faster than you can re-grow it? Do you have outings where invaders turn your beautiful grass carpet into a giant divot? Are you embarrassed by par 3 tee boxes that are nine parts mud, one part grass? Do you use unpopular winter tee mats on the course? If so, choose Tee-line Turf from Epic Golf.  It needs no infill, It needs no maintenance apart from occasional cleaning It easily accepts even long tees It looks natural It completely solves the maintenance costs of grass or sand filled tees and golfers love playing off it! Tee-line Turf is the perfect solution for outdoor tees at: Driving ranges, Practise grounds at golf courses, Winter tee stands, Par 3 tee boxes – wherever grass is under pressure. It is also used in covered bays, fixed directly to a concrete floor. So Close to Real Grass, You Can Stick a Tee in it and Hit a Driver!

This is Not Your Father's Artificial Turf!

Already in use at clubs and ranges across Ireland, Tee-line Turf has been praised by golf course architects, club pros, superintendents and PGA Tour Pros. Tee-line Turf feels like you're hitting off grass. It eliminates the pounding, reduces the risk of injury, and provides excellent feedback—whether you're hitting a driver or pitching wedge. There’s no bouncy “mat effect” to affect your shots.

Stick a tee in it and see: Tee-line Turf is the closest thing to natural grass you’ve ever seen, and has many advantages over grass.

What Tee-line Turf is NOT

You may have been disappointed by other synthetic surfaces in the past. Make no mistake. This is NOT the wimpy synthetic turf that requires 6, 7, 8 lbs. per sq. ft. of infill just to get the fibres to stand up. NOT the artificial grass that looks good on Day 1 but gets hard as a rock by Day 30. NOT the neon-green Astroturf that wears thin like a cheap carpet.

Championship Miniature Golf
 Miniature golf

Championship Miniature Golf Ltd., design and build the ‘World’s Greatest’ miniature golf experience – the ultimate family golfing attraction inspired by the world’s greatest golf holes. Our courses will:

  • Attract a new audience to your facility
  • Engage your existing customers
  • Inspire all who play to return on a regular basis

The net result being a big increase in your revenue streams.

Watch this space!