New Epic Rotary Dispenser

New Epic Rotary Dispenser


The New Rotary Dispenser
Simpler yet more sophisticated than the previous model, this machine will be at the heart of your range. Capable of using a broad range of payment options, it uses individual ball count to deliver the exact number of balls requested. Can be integrated into many POS systems. Has 8 vend options and seven happy hour possibilities, when a greater number of balls can be dispensed.
It is fast, 50 balls in 15 seconds and also very quiet in operation. Constructed of magnelis treated steel with powder-coated parts.

Capacity: 13 -18,000 balls. Custom-built, so can be made to suit your needs.
Standard dimensions: 1.0m wide, 1.15m high, 1.5m deep. Standard 13 amp socket.

Payment Systems - Can use cash, tokens, digicards or contactless cards to vend between 1-99 balls. POS integration.

Coin Mechanism -Can be set to take any forms of cash or specific coins as required. Also takes small, medium & large Eagle tokens. 

Digicard -  Paper cards (disposable after use). This unit is not water/weather proof. Cards can vend 1, 5, 10 or 20 baskets of balls. Useful for building loyalty for regular users and improving your cashflow.

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